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Discovery Bay Transportation Services Limited (DBTPL), an HKRI subsidiary, operates a ferry service linking Discovery Bay and the Central District of Hong Kong. Ferries used to be the only means of transport for people travelling to Discovery Bay until the opening of Discovery Bay Tunnel in 2000. The Central-Discovery Bay route is currently served by monohull and catamaran waterjet ferries, seating 300 and 500 respectively.

Fast, frequent and comfortable, the ferry service operates 24 hours a day and takes only 25 minutes to reach downtown Central from Discovery Bay. Since 2005, the ferries have been equipped with free on-board Wi-Fi, which is unique not only in Hong Kong but also in Asia.

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Discovery Bay Transit Services Limited, an HKRI subsidiary, operates around-the-clock internal and external bus services for residents. The internal bus routes link various villages / districts of Discovery Bay and the Bus Terminus next to the Discovery Bay pier, matching incoming and outgoing ferries. Following the opening of Discovery Bay Tunnel in 2000, external bus services have been introduced to connect Discovery Bay with the Hong Kong International Airport and MTR stations at Tung Chung and Sunny Bay, providing residents with more transportation options to reach downtown Hong Kong.

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Officially opened in May 2000, Discovery Bay Tunnel is privately built and owned by Hong Kong Resort Company Limited. The tunnel provides a land transport option for residents apart from ferries, and connects Discovery Bay with the rest of Hong Kong. Managed by Discovery Bay Road Tunnel Company Limited, an HKRI subsidiary, Discovery Bay Tunnel is opened 24 hours a day to specific vehicles under the authorisation of the Transport Department.

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