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29 Oct 2015
HKRI Care & Share Volunteers Collect Leftover Vegetables and Prepare Low-Carbon Meal for Elders
HKRI Care & Share Volunteers Collect Leftover Vegetables from Wet Market and Cook for Singleton Elders
HKRI Care & Share, HKR International Limited’s (“HKRI”) corporate volunteer team, participated in a Food Collection Experience and Volunteer Day co-organised with Food Grace on 24 October 2015 (Saturday). The volunteers collected leftover vegetables at a wet market and prepared a low-carbon meal for singleton elders at Food Grace Tai Po Centre. 
The programme started off with a talk on food waste problem and waste reduction. After the talk, some of the volunteers prepared a low-carbon meal while some others set off to the nearby Tai Yuen Estate Market to collect leftover vegetables. The collected vegetables were sorted and packed into goodie bags filled also with daily and food items for the elders. The volunteers and elders enjoyed a healthy and delicious meal together and the activity was indeed a fruitful experience for all.
Established in 2009, Food Grace believes that waste reduction can only be achieved by cultivating the virtue of cherishing food in the public and educating them to reduce waste at the source. They collect excessive vegetables and fruits from the markets in Tai Po and Yuen Long and redistribute them to the needy. They also provide low-priced lunch services for unemployed workers. HKRI Care & Share volunteers treasure every opportunity to care for the needy in our community and shall continue to support various social service organisations and participate in volunteer activities. 
About HKRI and HKR Care & Share
HKR International Limited has been listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong since 1989, under the Stock Code of 00480. The Group has diversified interests in real estate development and investment, property management, luxury hotels, healthcare services and other investments in Hong Kong, Mainland China and across Asia.
HKRI’s corporate volunteer team, HKRI Care & Share, was set up in 2005. Over the years, HKRI Care & Share has been actively supporting community services and partnering with social service organisations to reach out to the less fortunate and offer our help and care to the needy.
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