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16 Mar 2017
HKR International Staff Experience Upcycling and Refurbishing and Turn Reclaimed Wood into Stools
In view of the increasing number of tree felling activities and construction waste produced around the globe, HKR International Limited (“HKRI”) co-organised a green carpenter workshop with Woodrite, a green social enterprise, on 11 March (Saturday) to enhance staff knowledge of recycling. During the workshop, around 30 staff members and their family and friends worked together to create collage stools with reclaimed wood, under the concept of “Reuse and Recycle”.
Before getting their hands on the wood, all participants were given a brief introduction by Woodrite on the process of recycling and upcycling reclaimed wood, most of which were premium hardwood flooring collected from demolished buildings. Under the tutor’s instructions, by simply using hammers and nails, the participants demonstrated their creativity in turning reclaimed wood into unique stylish stools. Everyone had a great time at this eco-friendly event and acquired deeper knowledge of reuse and recycle.
Established in 2013, Woodrite is one of the few social enterprises in Hong Kong having its own carpenter workshop for promoting sustainable development and upcycling and refurbishing. Woodrite collects used furniture and reclaimed wood and, with the help of local designers and carpenters, recreates new furniture more suited to everyday use. By implementing the “Upcycling & Refurbish” concept, Woodrite aims to reduce the impact of waste on our planet and educate our next generation to cherish the earth’s resources. 
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