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Meet Our People
Click the testimonials below to find out how our people feel about working at HKRI, and how they can accelerate their career development and earn fulfilling experiences.
  • Susan Du Assistant General Manager – Leasing & Management (Shanghai)
    I joined HKRI in 2003 as the Sales and Marketing Manager for its flagship project - Dazhongli in Shanghai, PRC. I would say that I have found an ideal working environment where one’s responsibilities are not bounded by his/her position or job role, but by the limit of one’s capabilities.

    During the past years, I was also actively involved in the sale of deluxe serviced apartments in Shanghai named Chelsea Residence, the asset management of The Exchange in Tianjin – a mix-use commercial project, and business developments in Yangtze River Delta area of mainland China. The above multi-functional and diversified activities have greatly enhanced my experiences. Then there is more. As a unique career and leadership development opportunity, the company sponsored me to join a “mini EMBA” program offered by a top global business school. Spanning over 6 months, the prestigious program provided an ideal learning ground and opened up valuable networks for my career going forward.

    In the big HKRI family, I feel trusted and inspired. It has especially been a great pleasure to work with my peers who always impressed me with their professionalism, knowledge, and expertise.

  • Peter Li Senior Manager - Business Development (Hong Kong)
    I first joined the company as a Senior Officer in 2002. During that difficult economic year, I was granted with an opportunity to be involved in a newly acquired trading project in which I gained invaluable experience in Project Planning and Project Management. Challenges and opportunities were always given to me. In these years, I participated not only in the real estate investment analysis, land and property appraisal and asset management in Hong Kong but also in the China projects and other Asia Pacific investment projects.

    Such experiences enriched my strategic thinking and broaden my vision especially in analyzing the market and investment opportunities. With the encouraging guidance from my supervisors, the harmonious working atmosphere and the unique life-style company culture, I feel lucky to be a part of the HKRI family.

  • Key Lam Manager – Community Relations and Administration (Hong Kong)
    I have been working in City Management since July 2011, responsible for supervising both Community Relations and Administration Departments, which support the estate management sector in Discovery Bay. As a team leader, my team members and I strive to deliver a high level of service standard to our customers (including the residents, colleagues, as well as our supervisors).
    What I enjoy most is engaging with people from different backgrounds – whether they may be DB residents, local groups, or neighborhood partners. To me, they are not just customers whom I need to serve. Most of them are good working partners who have energetic minds and are enthusiastic towards the DB community. Through these encounters, I have learnt a lot and I look forward to facing new challenges every day. Also, I love working with my teammates in various events such as Dragon Boat Races, outdoor musical event - Picnic in the Park, and lots of challenging adventure games organized in Discovery Bay. They truly demonstrate our team spirit!  
    I am thankful of HKRI for providing me with a diversified working environment which allows me to meet different people who harness my interpersonal skills. I always feel supported since I am surrounded by many experienced and knowledgeable colleagues and supervisors. They empower me to take the initiatives and run with it without having to worry about making mistakes. HKRI is unique and I’m proud to work with the DB team here.

  • Supang Ruksanit Concierge - The Sukhothai (Bangkok, Thailand)
    I have been working with HKRI since January 2012, in the hospitality sector at The Sukhothai, in Bangkok, Thailand. Being a Clefs d'Or Concierge (known as a Golden Key Member of a world-renowned professional organisation), my responsibility is to deliver the best guest experience with premium personalised service and exclusive event arrangement, and cater to the multi-faceted needs of our guests, ensuring their utmost comfort during their stay with us.

    I am extremely proud and happy to be a part of the HKRI family. I feel that the management actively engages all employees with the corporate core values and puts a strong emphasis on human resources. I have been given a lot of opportunities to demonstrate my talent, innovation and initiative. In 2012, I was awarded as the winner of 2012 PRI2DE Outstanding Employee Awards, receiving Group-wide recognition by the management and colleagues.

    In my workplace, I am grateful to have fully supportive and friendly managers. I work particularly close with my supervisor who always gives me valuable advice. The hotel also provides regular training programmes to ensure excellent service standards. I am committed to striving for the highest level of professionalism in the hospitality industry and contributing to HKRI.

  • Wendy Lam Assistant – Human Resources (Hong Kong)
    Following the two fruitful internships and learning from my mentors at Group Human Resources Department, Discovery Bay of HKRI in 2012 and 2013, I was totally immersed in the culture of HKRI and also learnt about the values of the company. After graduation, I rejoined the HKRI family as Human Resources Assistant in December 2015. My major responsibilities included work injury administration and provide supports in HR functions including Staffing and Employee Relations.
    Starting my HR career in HKRI enables me to learn more about various industries – hospitality, property management and transportation as well as building relationships amongst various teams. I love the harmonious environment and culture at HKRI and how the supervisors and workmates really care about you like a family member, the first birthday and farewell party that my mentor and workmates organized for me in Discovery Bay was memorable and touching.
    Working in HKRI is a perfect fit for me as it allowed me to devote my passionate that better fit my personality and interests. The feeling of being supported throughout my career enabled me to align my passions, interests, and skills with career opportunities at Human Resources. After work, I enjoy staying active by hiking and cycling. Discovery Bay is also one of the unique destinations that I will hike with my friends during weekends.

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