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Upcoming Projects

Mainland China

  • Land Lot No. 2017-28, Jiaxing City
The Group acquired a a piece of land located in the heart of Jiaxing Economic and Technological Development Zone in December 2017. The lot is in close proximity to the Shijiuyang wetland with a plot ratio of 1.8. The site will be developed into a prestige residential project with roughly 200 low-rise apartments.
  • Land Lot No. 2017-34, Jiaxing City
The Group won a bid to acquire a piece of land located in the Southern International Business Hub in Jiaxing City in February 2018. The plot is in close proximity to the Group's City One and Riviera One developments, with Yaojiadang Park, Changxin Park and a large piece of wetland nearby. This prime plot is suitable for low-density development with a plot ratio of 1.3 to 1.6.


  • Wireless Road Project, Bangkok
The Group acquired a freehold land on Wireless Road through a jointly controlled entity in 2010. The site is currently in the preliminary design and planning stage.
  • Rama 3 Road Project, Yannawa District, Bangkok
The Group entered into a Sale and Purchase Agreement to purchase 10 plots of land located at Rama 3 Road by the Chaophraya River in Bang Phongphang Subdistrict, Yannawa District, Bangkok in December 2015. The lands are well located in Bangkok. Project study is underway.
  • Ramintra Road Project, Khannayao District, Bangkok
The Group acquired three plots of land located on Bangkok's Ramintra Road in the Khannayao District in February 2018. The plots cover an area of approximately 56,500 square metre and master planning is currently underway.


  • Niseko Project, Hokkaido
HKRI holds the residential land located at Niseko, Hokkaido near the Niseko Annupuri ski village with a total site area of approximately 60,700 square metres as land bank. The site is only about 10 minutes away from the well-known ski slopes and boasts the spectacular view of Mt. Yotei. Project study is now underway.

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