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Press Release 06/04/2022 Discovery Bay Spring Consumption Voucher Promotion (Chinese version only)
Press Release 29/03/2022 HKR International Built Momentum Upon Earth Hour 2022
Press Release 10/02/2022 Peony Chinese Restaurant – The Only Fine Chinese Restaurant Opens in Discovery Bay
Press Release 08/02/2022 Lantau Yacht Club Concludes a Fruitful 2021 and Forge Ahead in 2022 Becoming the New Superyacht Hub and Yachting Activity Centre in Hong Kong
Press Release 31/12/2021 Two Units of IL PICCO Sold at $127,000,000 (Chinese version only)
Press Release 30/11/2021 Discovery Bay Ice Rink Celebrates the Festive Season with the First Monchhichi-Themed Ice Rink in Hong Kong
Press Release 30/11/2021 HKR International Limited Successfully Bid for a Residential Site in Shanghai
Press Release 17/11/2021 HKR International Limited Announces Interim Results 2021/2022
Press Release 08/10/2021 Discovery Bay Ice Rink Presents Spooky Halloween Skating Fun
Press Release 07/10/2021 Lantau Yacht Club Awarded the 5 Gold Anchors Accreditation
Press Release 02/08/2021 Lantau Yacht Club First Launches a Yachtcation Package
Press Release 27/07/2021 One Unit of Poggibonsi Sold at HK$45,580,000 (Chinese version only)
Press Release 23/06/2021 HKR International Limited Announces Annual Results 2020/2021
Press Release 01/06/2021 Lantau Yacht Club Fully Operational With a Vision to Become the New Superyacht Hub in Hong Kong
Press Release 14/05/2021 HKR International Limited is Selected as A Constituent Stock of MSCI Hong Kong Micro Cap Index