Our overriding goal is to build a sustainable and lovable community to make Hong Kong and the communities we serve a better place.

On one hand, we assume our share of corporate social responsibility, actively reaching out to the community to serve the needy, especially the elderly and underprivileged families, and support non-governmental organisations (“NGO”) through volunteering and in-kind sponsorships and donations, and in turn, contribute to the betterment of the community. On the other hand, we render support in promoting arts and talent development to cultivate creativity and innovation spirit. We recognise we have an influential role to play in promoting good citizenship to employees and the communities we manage in all means. With concerted efforts, we believe we can make changes in an impactful way.
  • We extend our love and care to the general public with our corporate volunteer team, HKRI Care & Share, which was established in 2005, and other volunteer teams at other operations. With underprivileged children and the elderly as the main beneficiaries, we have partnered with different NGOs over the years to organise a broad range of volunteer and CSR activities to inspire others, effect a change and make a meaningful contribution within and outside the community. Activities include visiting the elderly, unused food collection, handicraft workshops and farm tours. 
  • We have a close affinity with community and contribute in a variety of impactful ways including in-kind sponsorships, donations, and charity sales and used item collection. 
  • With innovation and creativity as our core values, we always render support to art and talent development. We have sponsored the Hong Kong Arts Festival since 2009 to invite overseas artists to perform in Hong Kong with the aim of promoting cultural exchanges and cooperation between Hong Kong and other regions in the world. At Discovery Bay, area around the pier is used for artwork display and artistic activities such as Cantonese Opera Training Programme. Design competitions are frequently held to encourage creativity in the community. 
  • Another key area of our corporate social responsibility programme is developing the right apparatus for youth development in the community. We supported the HKSAR Government’s “Space Sharing Scheme for Youth” in 2017 by contributing 20,000 square feet of office space at CDW Building, Hong Kong. This groundbreaking initiative was the largest co-working space under this scheme by far, allowing Hong Kong Cyberport Management Limited to set up its first off-site Smart-Space office, Smart-Space 8, at one-third of the market rent to promote technology development and encourage young entrepreneurship.
  • At all projects we operate, we construct buildings, but more importantly we build cohesive and lovable communities. Discovery Bay best demonstrates this kind of spirit. To strengthen the sense of community, Love.Together@DB, the dedicated volunteering platform, was established in 2012 to serve the Discovery Bay community. The platform proactively organises a variety of meaningful initiatives in co-operation with NGOs, local groups, community leaders, volunteers and residents, including family farms, eco-tours, basketball tournaments and volunteering activities to foster a cohesive community and promote positive citizenship and care within the community . 
  • The platform also renders support to community events and charitable groups in Discovery Bay through in-kind sponsorships and donations. 
  • We aim to re-create our successful model at Discovery Bay community in our other residential developments, such as City One, our residential project in Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province. By sponsoring and organising community activities, we have built a strong tie among residents and nurtured their interests in Chinese culture, building another lovable and harmonious community.