Every HKRI staff plays an important role in our success, and in shaping the Group’s future. We are committed to providing a safe, comfortable and rewarding working environment to all of our staff members. We value employees’ development, and ample training and career opportunities are offered for them to grow. 
  • We take great care to foster productive staff relationship in an open and transparent manner. We engage with them via multiple communication channels such as staff newsletters, performance appraisals and grievance reporting mechanisms. 
  • We highly value employees’ physical and psychological well-being. On top of offering medical insurance, we regularly organise a wide range of activities, including annual parties, outings, team building workshops as well as giveaway of festive gifts, to create a supportive and caring work environment. Yoga classes and ball games are arranged to encourage staff to exercise. Moreover, we have supported Work-Life Balance Week organised by Community Business since 2008.  Every year, a series of healthcare events are organised to highlight the importance of healthy living. 
  • Employees’ well-being is the key to our success. Maintaining a safe working environment for all is an important part of our guiding principles and values, and we support that by ensuring every employee has access to necessary safety equipment. We also regularly dispatch safety and health tips and organise related talks. 
  • Most of our businesses have their own Occupational Safety and Health (“OSH”) management committees to develop designated guidelines to meet their operation needs. For Discovery Bay operations, which comprises a variety of different business natures, a cross-departmental OSH Committee was formed in 2015 and a manual was developed to provide guidance on safety issues and instructions on safety risk mitigation, under which city management operation adopts extra OSH measures. Safety training courses, internal and external audits, safety drills and weekly exercise are regularly carried out to ensure a safe working place. 
  • As a property developer, we require contractors to strictly follow a set of OSH requirements that are in compliance with prevailing regulations. Contractors are required to designate a safety inspection officer to submit bi-weekly safety reports to ensure construction safety. In addition, we regularly monitor construction sites to ensure all safety measures are properly implemented.
  • We pay extra attention to employees who carry out relatively higher risk job duties. In strict compliance with ordinance, protective gears, and regular equipment inspections are arranged to safeguard their well-being. 
  • Safety ranks first. We keep optimising our OSH measures and are currently developing a Corporate Health and Safety Management System based on ISO 45001 to advance measure application.
  • We believe that employees’ self-development is crucial in driving the Group’s dynamic growth, which in turn instils a sense of corporate pride and confidence. Hence, we offer a wide range of programmes and in-house training on diverse topics to help each and every staff member to reach his/her full potential. Customer Service Development Programme, Martime Trainee Programme, and Summer Internship Programme are just a few of our diversified training and development programmes. 
  • To further enhance our training system, HKRI Employees Learning & Development Faculty was established in May 2016 to regularly review and enhance our learning and development programmes to ensure they are in line with the Group’s overall business directions. 
  • In addition to internal training opportunities, we offer education allowance and tuition reimbursement for full-time employees to attend external courses relevant to their roles in order to support their personal and professional development.