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Announcement 22/04/2013 Voluntary Announcement - Forfeiture of Unclaimed Dividends for 2005/2006
Announcement 05/11/2015 Update on Despatch of Hanison Share Certificates
Announcement 10/12/2020 Supplemental Announcement - Discloseable Transaction - Acquisition of Property
Announcement 29/10/2015 Rights of the Overseas Shareholders in relation to the Distribution
Announcement 03/09/2013 Retirement of Senior Management Staff
Announcement 30/05/2014 Result at Board Meeting held on 30 May 2014
Announcement 07/06/2013 Resignation of Senior Management Staff
Announcement 08/03/2013 Resignation of Non-Executive Director
Announcement 20/06/2014 Resignation of Independent Non-Executive Director and Member of Remuneration Committee and Nomination Committee
Announcement 20/08/2014 Resignation of Independent Non-Executive Director and Member of Audit Committee and Nomination Committee and Non-compliance with Rules 3.10A and 3.21
Announcement 15/07/2013 Resignation of Executive Director
Announcement 29/03/2018 Resignation of an Independent Non-executive Director and Change of Chairman of the Remuneration Committee
Announcement 26/03/2012 Re-designation of a Director, Establishment of Nomination Committee, Changes of Members of Audit Committee and Remuneration Committee and Others
Announcement 10/07/2020 Proposed Change of Auditor
Announcement 29/06/2022 Proposed Adoption of the New Amended and Restated Memorandum and Articles of Association