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Announcement 22/08/2018 Annual General Meeting held on 22 August 2018 - Poll Results
Announcement 24/08/2016 Annual General Meeting held on 24 August 2016 - Poll Results
Announcement 25/08/2021 Annual General Meeting held on 25 August 2021 – Poll Results
Announcement 04/09/2017 Annual General Meeting held on 4 September 2017 - Poll Results
Announcement 01/12/2022 Appointment of Executive Director
Announcement 01/02/2021 Appointment of Executive Directors
Announcement 01/04/2021 Appointment of Independent Non-Executive Director and Member of Audit Committee, Resignation of Executive Director and Change of Alternate Authorised Representative
Announcement 01/11/2017 Appointment of Independent Non-executive Director and Member of Remuneration Committee
Announcement 24/09/2014 Appointment of Independent Non-executive Director, Chairman of Audit Committee and Member of Nomination Committee
Announcement 18/11/2020 Appointment of Nomination Committee Chairman
Announcement 04/07/2022 Appointment of Non-executive Director
Announcement 25/11/2020 Appointments of Executive Chairman, Non-executive Deputy Chairman, Managing Director, Authorised Representative, Chairman and Member of Corporate Governance Committee and Members of Nomination Committee
Announcement 01/09/2017 Bad Weather Arrangement for Annual General Meeting
Announcement 18/08/2020 Bad Weather Arrangement for the Annual General Meeting to be held on 19 August 2020
Announcement 24/06/2015 Change of Company Logo