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The Group has always prided itself on its pioneering concept of providing resort living in iconic residences. We bring elements of quality residence into hospitality business in Hong Kong, mainland China and Thailand. 

“Sukhothai”, our signature hospitality brand, is a prime example to demonstrate our high degree of quality and consistency. “Sukhothai” means “dawn of happiness” in Thailand's ancient language, Sankrit. Over 700 years ago, it was the first dynasty of Thailand, and historians acknowledge it to be the golden age of the country. Naming the hotel brand Sukhothai, the Group’s vision is to bring essence of Thai architecture, art, service and culture to every guest globally. The Sukhothai Hotels & Resort has several hotel projects in mainland China, Japan, Hong Kong and Southeast Asia in the development stage.

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    Featured Projects

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    HKRI Taikoo Hui
    HKRI Taikoo Hui Mainland China

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