HKR International Limited Goes “All-In” for Local Arts Community and Extends Sponsorship to More Arts Organisations

HKR International Limited (“HKRI”) ‘s Group Level ESG theme, HKRI All-In, covers all initiatives that promote sustainable operations, serve the needy, preserve local cultural heritage and enhance governance. All initiatives to be undertaken are all inclusive and serve multiple purposes with no hold back. Though some of the volunteer activities under our CSR programme have been temporarily suspended in view of the COVID-19 outbreak, HKRI Care & Share did not stop its outreaching efforts. Other than providing support to selected NGOs for their continued services, we have extended our sponsorships to three arts organisations to support local arts community and groom young talents.

Arts and youth development are drivers of creativity and innovation. Therefore, we have sponsored the Hong Kong Arts Festival (“HKAF”) for 13 consecutive years to promote arts development in Hong Kong. In particular, HKRI joined hands with Cha Foundation to take up the founding sponsorship of the Festival’s Digital Arts Education Platform (, which is a new education and outreach platform to share a broad spectrum of performing arts related information and latest trend, to enable students and the general public to appreciate a variety of performing arts online.

Other than that, we have also sponsored Hong Kong Generation Next Arts (“HKGNA”) Music Festival 2021. Founded in 2009 by pianist Michelle Kim, HKGNA aims to inspire and nurture artistic excellence and personal success in the next generation of young artists and transform lives through music. We have sponsored children at Chai Wan Baptist Church Social Service to participate in the Make It Better (MIB) programme launched by The Sovereign Art Foundation (SAF) for one full academic year, in order to support children from low-income backgrounds and with special educational needs (SEN) in Hong Kong. The programme provided a course of 25 expressive arts workshops to these children, of whom 80% have SEN, with profiles that include attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, autism spectrum disorder and other specific learning difficulties. MIB works in local schools and community centres to offer children expressive arts workshops designed to build self-esteem, confidence, self-awareness, and interpersonal skills. In addition, MIB provides support and training to teachers, social workers and caregivers of children with SEN, by introducing them to the therapeutic benefits of art and nurturing a culture of peer-to-peer support.

“We are so honoured to be the sponsor of these arts programmes and contribute to arts education in Hong Kong. HKRI has long been a devoted advocate for arts and culture. By sponsoring these arts programmes, we wish to create opportunities and provide resources for our next generation and stimulate their creativity and innovation,” said Mr. Victor Cha, Chairman of HKRI.


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