HKRI Care & Share Introduce Elderly Sport from Japan to Rejuvenate Elderly’s Passion for Sports

HKR International Limited (“HKRI”)’s corporate volunteer team, HKRI Care & Share brought a new elderly sport to Hong Kong! Originated from Japan, foam bar football is well received by the elderly as the players are not constrained by age or physicality. Last month, HKRI joined hands with Tung Wah Group of Hospitals (“TWGHs”) Wilson T.S. Wang District Elderly Community Centre to co-organise an “All-In Foam Bar Football Play-off” for over 20 elderlies to try their hand on the turf and regain their passion for sports.

As the first corporation to introduce this sport to Hong Kong, HKRI wishes the elderlies to break the social and physical barriers while rejuvenating their passion for sports and improving their health. True to its name, foam bar football requires players to “kick” the ball into opponent’s goal using a bat, through which they will train their agility, hand-eye coordination, and cognition as they have to pay full attention to the ball and react instantly by swinging the bats. A sense of competition and team spirit will be developed by building interpersonal relationships with the teammates.

On the day of the Play-off, the elderlies were enthusiastic and competitive in participating in this new game. After warm-up exercises, briefing on rules and safety issues, and putting on safety gears, the exciting game started. The room was filled with cheers and laughter, and positive vibes were all around. After two sessions, some of our volunteers sat down for a friendly match with the elderlies. The elderlies did not back out when facing younger opponents and managed to find the back of the net for their team, putting the volunteers to shame. After the match, many of the elderlies were still hyping about the match and started to discuss tactics and look forward to the next game. HKRI Care & Share are also planning to extend this sport programme to more elderly community centres with TWGHs and engage more elderlies to participate in such great sport.

Established in 1870, TWGHs aim at providing a spectrum of social welfare services catering to the needs of families, children and youths, the elderly and the disabled for the public to achieve our objectives "Quality Care, Holistic Development". With 41 different types of community support services center, which include District Elderly Community Centre Services and Neighborhood Elderly Centre, Day Care Centre for the Elderly Services, and Integrated Home Care Services, TWGHS provide quality and comprehensive care and rehabilitation services to those elders in need to enable them to enjoy their old age.

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