HKRI Care & Share Fosters Intergenerational Harmony Through Inclusive Foam Bar Football Play-Off

HKR International Limited (“HKRI”)’s corporate volunteer team, HKRI Care & Share, partnered with Tung Wah Group of Hospitals (“TWGHs”) Wilson T.S. Wang District Elderly Community Centre to introduce the Foam Bar Football to local seniors. Building on the success of our previous collaboration, HKRI Care & Share is thrilled to have teenagers from the Strive and Rise Programme joining us in our fifth play-off. This latest endeavour aims to foster intergenerational harmony and create meaningful connections between seniors and youth within the community.
In the recent "All-In" Foam Bar Football Play-Off, HKRI Care & Share brought together 30 seniors and teenagers. The primary objective of this exciting initiative was to encourage seniors to adopt a regular exercise routine. By actively engaging both seniors and teenagers, the event allowed for the development of strong bonds and mutual understanding.
Foam Bar Football, a unique sport originating from Japan, offers a thrilling gameplay experience that transcends age and physical limitations, making it immensely popular among seniors. With a focus on breaking down barriers and physical restrictions, HKRI introduced this dynamic sport to Hong Kong, reigniting seniors' passion for physical activity and enhancing their overall well-being. The game involves using a bat to "kick" the ball into the opponent's goal, demanding swift reactions, constant ball tracking, and skilful bat swings. Through this engaging sport, participants improve their agility, hand-eye coordination, and cognitive abilities while developing a sense of healthy competition, unity, and positive relationships among teammates.
The atmosphere on the day of the Play-Off was brimming with enthusiasm as both seniors and teenagers showcased their unwavering determination to succeed. Following ice-breaking games, warm-up exercises and comprehensive briefings on rules and safety precautions, participants eagerly donned their safety equipment, signalling the start of intense matches. The energy on the field was infectious as participants swung their bats with gusto, their enthusiasm palpable. Their agile movements and vibrant spirits demonstrated a zest for life. Meanwhile, on the side-lines, other participants engaged in animated discussions about the exhilarating matches and wholeheartedly cheered on the athletes. 
The success of the "All-In" Foam Bar Football Play-Off event serves as a testament to HKRI Care & Share's commitment to enhancing the lives of seniors through inclusive activities. By continuously collaborating with TWGHs and involving younger generations, HKRI Care & Share aims to foster a strong sense of community, promote physical and mental well-being, and cultivate intergenerational harmony – key pillars in our ongoing efforts to create a more inclusive and connected society.
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