HKRI Launches New Corporate Video

HKR International Limited (“HKRI”) announces today that it has launched a new corporate video. Watching the video, the public and the media will be taken to HKRI’s various markets in Asia, including Mainland China, Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand and Singapore, and learn about the company’s latest developments and projects first-hand!

A Personal Tour of HKRI’s Projects
In line with HKRI’s unique positioning as a lifestyle-focused real estate developer and its vision to become a pioneer of innovative living space, the new corporate video seeks to reinforce HKRI’s premium brand by presenting the company’s key projects in an engaging and lively manner. You will be able to take a bird’s eye view of Discovery Bay high up from the sky, witness the relocation of a historical building for the Dazhongli project in Shanghai, and be one of the first to visit a showflat at The Sukhothai Residences, an ultra luxury 41-storey condominium tower in Bangkok CBD ……

The theme "We Create a Lifestyle" echoes throughout the 7-minute video, which showcases HKRI’s diversified businesses across Asia in three sections:
- Property Development & Investment
- Hospitality
- Healthcare Services

With plenty of aerial shots, abundance of environmental sound effects, as well as a light-hearted and energetic pace, the video is a pleasure to watch! It will surely entertain as well as inform

Watch It On The Go
The new corporate video, available in three languages (English, Cantonese and Putonghua) on HKRI’s website (at, under the section of “Media Centre – Video”), can be accessed via traditional personal computers or mobile devices like tablet PCs and smartphones. So you can enjoy the video while you are on the go. Go online to watch it now and make an acquaintance with today’s HKRI!

About HKR International Limited
HKR International Limited has been listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong since 1989 and is currently a constituent of the Hang Seng Composite Index Series (Stock Code: 00480). The Company has diversified interests in real estate development and investment, property management, luxury hotels and serviced apartments, property related manufacturing, healthcare services and other investments in Hong Kong, Mainland China and across Asia.