“Discovery Bay Easter Egg-Citement”

Hong Kong’s Tallest Inflatable Egg designed by French Graffiti Artist Ceet Fouad and the Most Loved Easter Egg Hunt on the Beach

Endowed with a romantic European flair, Discovery Bay is ready to surprise you with something new this Easter! Kids’ and parents’ favourite Easter Egg Hunt on the Beach will return to Tai Pak Beach for the 9th year along with a 15-metre tall giant egg “laid” by French graffiti artist Ceet Fouad. Thousands of families will have enormous fun over the Easter holidays. Besides, a series of egg-citing activities, including fun fairs at both plazas and giveaways, will set a bustling mood in the festive atmosphere.

1. Hong Kong’s tallest inflatable Easter egg designed by French graffiti artist Ceet Fouad, and a rare opportunity to see Ceet in action doing live mural painting at DB North Plaza
Originated from France, contemporary graffiti artist Ceet Fouad has long been recognised around the world. His works was shown in various international graffiti and street art exhibitions and received considerable acclaim. Advertising companies and lifestyle brands also call on his talent and he has been an art ambassador to global brands such as Adidas, Airbus, Ecko, Loewe and Prada. Ceet and Discovery Bay will hold a bunch of activities together in April and May to promote the art of graffiti.
To go with the Easter theme, the 15-metre giant egg is covered with artistic patterns and, of course, Ceet’s very own chicken images – a perfect combination of colours and creativity. The giant egg is also his first artistic collaboration with Discovery Bay. The egg will nest on Tai Pak Beach from 2 to 7 April and you are all welcome to snap a picture with it and those splashy chickens! On 3 and 4 April, a rare opportunity to see Ceet in action is offered when he will  do live mural painting sessions at DB North Plaza. No graffiti lovers would like to miss that!
Discovery Bay has always spared no effort in preserving our environment. The giant egg, after display, will be up-cycled into reusable shopping totes for charity sale at DB Sunday Market on 10 May and proceeds will be donated to The Neighbourhood Advice-Action Council. So whether you are a fan of the artist or an environmentalist, please come and support such a meaningful activity.
2. Easter Egg Hunt on the Beach + Fun Fair brings you Egg-xtraordinary fun
The widely adored Easter Egg Hunt on the Beach + Fun Fair will return to Tai Pak Beach on 3 and 4 April1 to bring egg-xtra fun to the holiday. Around 3,200 three to ten- year old egg hunters1 will dig deep in the beach and look for the 30,000 hidden Easter eggs and win over 30,000 prizes. The Fun Fair at D’Deck and Easter Funland1 at DB North Plaza will also be there to make sure you have a high old time all day long.

3. Discovery Bay – a perfect tranquil Easter vacation destination
If you are looking for an overseas resort experience in Easter without going through tiring journeys, Discovery Bay would be your best choice. Other than the first two days of the holiday, its southern European ambience makes it a tranquil vacation destination, offering all kinds of leisure and wellness activities including the oceanfront alfresco dining hotspot, the spacious Tai Pak Beach, picturesque hiking trails, relaxing horse-drawn carriage ride2 and, not to mention, the stylish resort hotel and Discovery Bay Love Lock Promenade3. So whether it is a romantic getaway with your lovers or a get-together with your buddies, Discovery Bay would make the perfect haven. Take as many pictures and selfies as you can but please make sure you have your power bank with you!

4. All kinds of giveaways to share the fun!
How can “Discovery Bay Easter Egg-Citement” be complete without a giveaway or two? Spread the news and win all the prizes with your friends and families!
  •  Facebook guessing game
    Visit Discovery Bay Facebook page will launch a guessing game on Ceet’s giant egg from 2 to 7 April. Prizes include a night in Auberge Discovery Bay Hong Kong’s Ocean Front Room with complimentary buffet breakfast for TWO and so much more! Please visit www.facebook.com/VisitDiscoveryBay for more details.
  • “Capture” the giant egg and get a free birthday meal!
    For people celebrating their birthdays during 5 to 7 April at Discovery Bay, go snap a shot with the giant egg and post it on your own Facebook to redeem a $300 D’Deck cash coupon4. (50 quotas for each day)
About D’Deck, the Renowned Oceanfront Alfresco Dining Destination at Discovery Bay, Hong Kong
Situated next to Discovery Bay Pier, D’Deck is Hong Kong’s renowned oceanfront al fresco dining destination with numerous thematic restaurants along the promenade beside Tai Pak Beach.
With spectacular 180° sea views and nightly Disneyland fireworks, D’Deck offers a wide selection of international cuisine at First Korean Restaurant (Korean), Kiraku Tei Japanese Restaurant (Japanese) and Koh Tomyums (Thai) for Asian cuisine; Solera (Spanish), Café Duvet (Tapas), Berliner (German), Sopranos (Italian) and McSorley’s Ale House (Irish Pub & Indian) for European tastes; and Caramba Mexican Cantina (Mexican) and Hemingway’s by the Bay (Caribbean) for a flavor of Central America.
Other specialty restaurants include Life Café serving globally inspired organic vegetarian and gluten free food; 22° North boasting a large selection of classic French recipes; Dymocks Books & Café merging the culture of bookstore and Café; and last but not least ZAKS, which serves international cuisine with alfresco seating area of 5,000 sq. ft. in resort style.
D’Deck is easily accessible, just 25 minutes away from Central by ferry or 15-20 minutes away from Tung Chung or Sunny Bay MTR Stations by bus.
Enjoy free ferry ride5 back to Central simply by spending HK$120 or more at any of the 14 designated D'Deck restaurants6 and present your transaction receipt at the “D’Deck Free Ferry Service Counter”!
About DB North Plaza
DB North Plaza, spread over 186,000 sq. ft. at the Yi Pak Bay area, was opened in 2010.  It is a new retail mall serving as the second social hub for Discovery Bay residents and visitors. Offering two shopping arcades, two office buildings and an open piazza, DB North Plaza is adjacent to Auberge Discovery Bay Hong Kong, the deluxe resort hotel opened in Spring 2013.  This seaside mall not only serves Discovery Bay residents, hotel guests and visitors from neighbouring districts with great selection of shopping and dining establishments, but also convenient and free transportation connections for shoppers, such as the Free Express Shuttle Buses7 plying between DB North Plaza and DB Plaza at the DB Pier and and Bus Interchange Discount8 when departing from DB North Plaza. Urban and Lantau taxis can now reach Yi Pak (DB North) area directly through Discovery Bay Tunnel to pick up and drop off at designated zone.
About Ceet Fouad
Always the entertainer, Ceet can often be found telling an animated tale to a crowd of wide-eyed listeners. The ending is always the same as the audience doubles over in laughter, and a big grin emerges from the face of the world’s leading graffiti and contemporary artist, Ceet Fouad. Ceet’s voracious appetite for life began in Toulouse, France, where he was born 40 years ago to parents of North African origin. He spent his early years painting graffiti on any and all inanimate surfaces in his home town with his street crew.
His graffiti style reflects his energetic personality and approach to life. Largely based on interplay of colors and wild style lettering, the finished product is controlled and mechanically executed, yet sophisticated in the design style and finish. Ceet is not one to sugar coat the truth, and his work often reveals a brutal honesty about experiences from his own life. He has experimented with a variety of mediums; murals, sculptures, graphic design and canvases, through which he exposes his hopes, failures and opinions with his audience.
Since the mid-80s, he has focused on his canvas work through a mixed use of acrylic, oil and spray paint. Striving for perfection, Ceet pays meticulous attention to each canvas detail and uses every inch of space to reveal his expressions on life. The quality of his creations have not gone unnoticed, as invitations from galleries, contemporary art shows and lifestyle brands have confirmed his place on the international stage of contemporary artists to watch and follow. In 2003, Ceet left France to share his talents and passion for contemporary art with China. Since 2003, he’s been very active in China with diverse exhibitions, events and artistic performances. Advertising companies and lifestyle brands also call on his talent and has been an art ambassador to global brands such as Adidas, Airbus, Ecko, Loewe and Prada.


1.  Easter Egg Hunt on the Beach is not open for on-site admission, while the Fun Fair and "Easter Funland” are open to children aged 3 to 10 for free.
2.  Each Horse-Drawn Carriage Ride costs HK$300 and tickets are available at the Activity Centre of Auberge Discovery Bay Hong Kong. For ticket details, please visit: http://www.dbnplaza.hk/icms2/template?series=367&article=7578
3.  “Discovery Bay Love Lock Promenade” is situated on the sea front of DB North. All visitors can bring along their locks or purchase a love lock set at the Activity Centre of Auberge Discovery Bay Hong Kong for HK$69.
4.  Visitors having their birthdays from 5 to 7 April can redeem a D'Deck HK$300 voucher on these three days at Discovery Bay by posting a photo with the giant egg on their personal Facebook page. "Like" and tag "Visit Discovery Bay" on the photo and produce identity documents for verification. Each visitor can participate once only.
5.  The D’Deck complimentary ferry ride offer is valid for dinner consumption (6pm -11:45pm) from Monday to Friday, and lunch/dinner consumption (12 noon – 11:45pm) on Sat/Sun/public holiday. The free ferry ride is only valid on the same day of the transaction, and for the following schedules only: Mon-Fri: 7:30pm-12:00am and Sat /Sun /public holiday: 1:00pm-12:00am.
6.  The 14 designated D’Deck restaurants are 22° North, Berliner, Café Duvet, Caramba Mexican Cantina, Ebeneezer's, First Korean Restaurant, Hemingway’s by the Bay, Kiraku Tei Japanese Restaurant, Koh Tomyums, Life Café, McSorley’s Ale House, Sopranos, Solera and ZAKS. “D’Deck Free Ferry Service Counter” is located beside the escalator near the bus stop at DB Plaza.
7.  Free Express Shuttle Bus is available every half hour at 00 minutes and 30 minutes at the DB Bus Terminus to DB North Plaza with a journey time of around 8 minutes.
8.  Visitors can enjoy bus interchange discount at DB North Plaza.  Simply tap an Octopus Card against the “Fare Save Station” next to Welcome Supermarket and use the same Octopus Card to travel on any buses leaving DB North Plaza within 45 minutes to enjoy a $4 discount for the bus ride.