Discovery Bay Wins the “Urban Design & Master Planning Award” & “Green Development Award”

Hong Kong Resort Company Limited (“Hong Kong Resort” or the “Company”) has always committed to promoting a sustainable and green lifestyle at Discovery Bay (“DB”). The community’s excellent urban design and master planning and outstanding environmental management work has won it the “Urban Design & Master Planning Award” and the “Green Development Award” at the “CAPITAL The Outstanding Developer Awards” organised by CAPITAL Magazine and CAPITAL WEEKLY for consecutive years since 2010, recognising the Company’s exceptional planning and quality excellence.  
Discovery Bay, Hong Kong’s largest, low-density, premium integrated development with an area of approximately 650 hectares, was a piece of barren land 40 years ago. With determination and vision, Hong Kong Resort has converted the land into a well-established community and a pioneering model of sustainable project in Asia today. DB comprises garden houses, low-, mid- and high-rise residential developments, a 27-hole golf course, a 262-berth marina, a 400-metre manmade beach, two premium clubhouses, two retail arcades, a resort hotel, and Hong Kong’s largest alfresco dining hotspot, etc. Meanwhile, it is also one of the few communities with comprehensive education options covering pre-schools to secondary schools for students from varying backgrounds.  
In terms of connectivity, 24-hour ferry services to Central, shuttle bus services to designated MTR stations, and urban and Lantau taxi services are available at DB to offer convenient access to and from the community. Throughout the years, Hong Kong Resort has continued to improve the facilities and optimise the living environment for residents’ enjoyment.  
Developing an “Eco-Friendly Town” has always been the key objective since the start of this project. Besides incorporating green building elements, a large portion of land has been planned for landscaped areas and green zones, including the Central Park, natural mangrove and a number of hiking trails, making DB one of a few unique eco-friendly residential communities in Hong Kong. Meanwhile, all diesel vehicles at DB are using EURO V diesel while all new buses and diesel vehicles procured in or after 2017 will be equipped with engines that comply with EURO VI Emission Standard, to reduce energy consumption and emissions. The Company is also dedicated to promoting green living in DB by organising a wide range of programmes such as family farm and eco tours. Recently, food waste decomposers and a food donation programme have also been introduced to encourage residents to practise green living by food recycling and food waste reduction. 


About Discovery Bay
Located in the northeast of Lantau Island, Discovery Bay is Hong Kong Resort’s first development project. With a land area of approximately 650 hectares, DB is Hong Kong’s renowned international residential community and a unique leisure destination with exceptional facilities, including clubhouses, hotel, manmade beach, comprehensive education options, shopping malls and restaurants. Discovery Bay has a well-developed transportation network, including around-the-clock ferry and bus services and a privately-built vehicle tunnel, providing easy and convenient access. 
Discovery Bay is one of a few unique, eco-friendly residential communities in Hong Kong with two-third of its area being used as landscaped area and green zones, including Central Park, natural mangrove, a number of hiking trails and waterfront promenade. The premium environment and quality of life at Discovery Bay has attracted residents from around the world with over 50% of them non-Chinese, forming a multicultural community.