Hong Kong Resort Company Limited Organised Discovery Bay Multi-recreation Centre Architectural Design Competition

Hong Kong Resort Company Limited (“Hong Kong Resort” or “the Company”) is determined to contribute to sustainable development, and supports the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (“SDGs”). Through organising the Discovery Bay Multi-recreation Centre (“MRC”) Architectural Design Competition, the Company aims to nurture young talents. The future MRC, located in Discovery Bay (“DB”), will encompass versatile functions, including adventure, open space activities and nature conservation. Through this project, Hong Kong Resort hopes to further contribute to building a healthy and sustainable community.
Nowadays, using green building to reduce emission has become a key direction for the architecture industry. In view of this, sustainability has been adopted as the main theme of this competition, which was opened to architecture university students and received keen participation. Winners were selected among dozens of teams subsequent to a series of adjudication by a professional judging panel. The award ceremony was successfully concluded on 11 August, presenting prizes to the Champion, Second Place, Third Place and Merits.
Leveraging Academic-Industrial-Synergy to Nurture Young Talents and Promote Sustainable Community

The Company joined forces with a number of supporting institutes, including The Hong Kong Institute of Architects, Architecture School of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, and Architecture Department of Chu Hai College of Higher Education, Hong Kong in organising this competition. 

The honourable judging panel is formed by a team of industry experts of green building, recreation and sports, and academics, including Mr. Donald Choi, JP, President of The Hong Kong Institute of Architects; Ir. Dr. Cary Chan, JP, Executive Director of Hong Kong Green Building Council; Prof. Hendrik Tieben, Architecture School Director of the Chinese University of Hong Kong; Prof. Paul Chu and Dr. Ruffina Thilakaratne, Architecture Department Head and Associate Professor of Chu Hai College of Higher Education, Hong Kong; Mr. Warren Stuart, President of Hong Kong Federation of Extreme Sports, and also Mr. Wilson Cheung and Mr. David Lee who represented Hong Kong Resort.

Throughout the seven months of competition, the Company offered comprehensive learning opportunities for the students, including introductory seminars at universities; site-visit at DB and the future MRC to know more about the green and leisurely community; exchange of ideas with renowned judges during adjudication; and internship opportunity in the MRC project to gain valuable real-world experience needed for architecture career.

Mr. Victor Cha, Chairman of Hong Kong Resort said, “Congratulations to the Champion and the winning teams. They have demonstrated passion and great creativity in this competition. The competition is in line with Hong Kong Resort’s vision in nurturing young talents, offering a platform for the future architects to open up thoughts for sustainable developments. We would like to extend sincere gratitude to our honourable judges who are experts in the industries and academia, for their valuable time and empowering students with multi-perspective insights. I believe this is a good example of academic-industrial-synergy in nurturing young talents.” 

Promote Green Building and Move Towards Decarbonisation Targets

Mr. Cha continued, “The MRC project is expected to meet the demand towards green, leisure and lifestyle space. In Hong Kong, this is a unique architectural project as it is versatile, and embodies sustainability and recreation at the same time. Leveraging this unique competition, we hope to sow the seeds in young architecture talents, to support the future development of sustainable architecture and contribute to decarbonisation.”

Hong Kong Resort is a keen supporter of the SDGs. The future MRC plans to adopt eco-friendly building materials. The project is expected to provide the environment and space that facilitate human-nature connection. Currently, the MRC is under planning and the design is to be finalised. Construction of the MRC project will commence in 2023, and targets to complete in 2025-2026. Upon completion, this new iconic architecture will invigorate the community.

Adhering to the sustainability theme of MRC project, the award presentation ceremony backdrop and decorations utilised paper honeycomb board, a recyclable and reusable material. Reclaimed wooded wine crates were used for the upcycled award trophies which were produced by St. James' Settlement Jockey Club Upcycling Centre. Apart from adding special meaning to this competition experience, such initiatives also help extended the lifecycle of resources. 

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About Discovery Bay

Discovery Bay is located in the northeast of Lantau Island. With a land area of approximately 650 hectares and surrounded by mountains and oceans, it is Hong Kong’s foremost premium international residential community and a unique leisure destination, boasting a quiet environment, sophisticated urban planning and a variety of waterfront facilities. 

Situated next to Discovery Bay Pier, D’Deck is Hong Kong’s renowned oceanfront al fresco dining destination with numerous themed restaurants with spectacular views of the sea. The 400-metre-long Tai Pak Beach is an excellent venue for outdoor activities with related facilities. Featuring a shopping arcade, restaurants, an open piazza and Love Lock Promenade, DB North serves as the second social hub for the Discovery Bay community and visitors alike. Adjoining is Auberge Discovery Bay Hong Kong, home to 325 superbly appointed rooms and suites, a seaside Pavilion with a one-of-a-kind design, offering a unique leisure experience. 

Discovery Bay is served by a comprehensive transport network that includes ferry services to Central, bus services to Tung Chung MTR Station, Sunny Bay MTR Station and Hong Kong International Airport. Dine ‘N Ride1 is offered to diners at designated restaurants2 at Discovery Bay. Both urban and Lantau taxis can access Auberge Discovery Bay Hong Kong through the Discovery Bay Tunnel, providing a convenient alternative for residents and visitors alike.


The press release is issued by Hong Kong Resort Company Limited. 

Winners of the Discovery Bay Multi-recreation Centre Architectural Design Competition:

 Award  Team  University  Prize 
 Champion  Ho Nam IP, Ho Yiu Rex CHENG, Ching Fung NG, Hin Mong LAM  Chu Hai College of Higher Education, Hong Kong  HK$50,000
 Second Place  Jia Lun CHANG, King Chi LEUNG, Ching Ching SO, Charmaine LIN  The Chinese University of Hong Kong  HK$30,000
 Third Place  Wing Yi SO  The Chinese University of Hong Kong  HK$20,000
 Merit  Ting Fai Wesley WONG, Wing See Kyo CHEUNG  The University of Hong Kong  HK$5,000 each
 Ling Yin HOON, Cynthia Summer KWOK, Qiongdan Liang, Him Ling CHUNG  The Chinese University of Hong Kong
 Nicole Yuki-ting WONG, Wan Ching HO, Kwan Yee FOO  The University of Hong Kong
 Faheem Ahamed JAMALUDEEN, Kwong Sang AU YEUNG  Chu Hai College of Higher Education, Hong Kong
 Kui Chuen Lo, Wai Ting Rachel LAM, Ching Yi HO, Chik Tang LUNG  Chu Hai College of Higher Education, Hong Kong