Curtain Comes Down on the Third PRI2DE Creative Camp Design Competition

The third “PRI2DE Creative Camp” Design Competition, presented by HKR International Limited (“HKRI”) has come to a successful conclusion. The competition called for design entries of “Movable Chairs” and attracted applications from around the world. After six months of assessment and public exhibitions, the winners were selected based on the votes from the judging panel and the public.  Yanothai Treeratchotikul, designer of 45°DE Urban Furniture System, took home the champion award, while Tao Dong-zhe and Shen Jia-yu, designers of Sailing Up, and Wu Meng-ying, designer of Peach Blossom, were the first and second runners-up. Mr Alexander Schillinger, General Manager of The Sukhothai Bangkok, and Ms Connie Ting, Joint General Manager of HKRI Taikoo Hui, presented the trophies to the winners in Thailand and Shanghai respectively.

As one of the HKRI’s CSR programmes, “PRI2DE Creative Camp” aims at providing a competition platform for young designers and artists aged below 35 to demonstrate and practise their creativity. Since its establishment in 2019, the competition scale expended from Shanghai to China, and now to the rest of the world. “PRI2DE Creative Camp” is becoming one of the influential international design competitions and drawing attentions from young talents.

To echo with the Group’s 45th anniversary, HKRI joined hands with YoungBird Plan and set “45” as the competition theme. The competition had drawn 293 applications from 68 cities of 27 countries. Integrating sustainability in urban “grey spaces”, we wish to inspire innovative ways of “micro-urban renewal” through reflections and creativity of young designers. At the final stage of the competition, we had launched a roving exhibition for the top 10 finalists in Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Hong Kong, creating a visionary future of urban public spaces for the general public.

Yanothai Treeratchotikul from Thailand, the champion of the competition, interpreted the theme “45” with 45-degree angles and designed the 45°DE Urban Furniture System. Based on the characteristic that 45-degree angles can be interconnected, different structures of “grey spaces” can be constructed with modular parts and fixture options. Moreover, the chair is made of recycled 3D printer filament and injects vitality into the “grey spaces” with its vibrant colours.

Sailing Up, designed by the first runners-up Tao Dong-zhe and Shen Jia-yu, was a set of outdoor seats specially made for HKRI’s flagship project – Discovery Bay, Hong Kong. The number “45” forms the silhouette of the sail, an analogy of the Group’s fortitude and ambition over the last 45 years. Furthermore, to go with the coastal environment of Discovery Bay, the designers made the chairs out of upcycled marine debris to provide diverse possibilities for the Group’s sustainable development.

Peach Blossom, designed by Wu Meng-ying, was an abstract rendition of a peach blossom that illustrates the main theme “45” through a vivid kaleidoscope of colours. On top of its basic function for rest, the chair design incorporates extraordinary artistry and interactivity features. Wu said her design was inspired by the story Tao Hua Yuan Ji. The people-oriented philosophy and harmonious lifestyle depicted in the story tied in well with HKRI’s core values.

In the process of improving people's well-being and quality of life, HKRI shoulders its corporate social responsibility and encourages the young generation to participate in urban development. While promoting the mutual development of youth and the city, we are also continuously optimising our projects to meet the needs for better living environment. As we celebrate the 45th anniversary of the Group this year with the theme “Together We Fortify”, we would like to join hands with all stakeholders and “Create a Lifestyle” together!

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